My 29th - The long walk

Not a very good runner/sprinter in my craft.
To have done over 4,000+ photos via #ffkatakeover 
to have my photos embedded
in most of my clients' social media feed,
or to be able to come up with highlights with
a clear mind when 5mins seems like 60s. 
I think because I am a lazy person, 
thats why I can do things fast to
rest earlier. 

Not very smart as a person, 
to have work with over 20+ over people
over the course of 7 years
thats pretty exhausting to my soul
and disheartening. 
1. Edi
2. Benjamin Ong  
3. Bryan Lee
4. Beatrice
5. Terry Chia
6. Gary
7. Alvin
8. Claudia
9. Jerry
10. JinYu (yay! he's a free lancer now after 3 years!)
11. Rainft (highest paying on my list)
12. Sarah
13. Chloe
14. Yunting
15. Michelle
16. Bryan Hong
17. Cindy
18. Caylee
19. Xinyi
20. Dingran
21. Shiyi
22. Jonathan Han (currently in french toast production)
23. Viv tan (still am the best IG wedding takeover i've work with)
24. Debbie and Candice
25. Willie  
26. Jing

Yeap. Thats over the course of 7 years, 
as a wedding videographer. 
Not a good competition in who hire more
than who or who has the biggest team. 

Time is the only factor that
gives the best results
when all is done and said. 

Sherlock mycroft_700.jpg

Sherlock Holmes:
Look at them. They all care so much. Do you ever wonder if there's something wrong with us?

Mycroft Holmes:
All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.

There's something wrong with us, 
and the fallen nature within us can't
handle well when we open up our hearts
to each other. 
Caring too much might
backfired in what we do best
as a craftsmen.
Took a toil on me when I did that
too often enough to keep asking myself,
'Am I a good boss?'
instead, I realised, I need to be
a good craft-maker and
find other good craft-makers. 
f the boss in this. 
I wish i didn't have the biz, 
and be treated as a good craft-maker. 
Like an artist, 
Creates and Collaborates. 

Glad I realised that now.
Not too late before I turn 30,
Still 365 days earlier and smarter. 

Grown up to not take myself too serious,
not to spend too much time on dressing,
same hair stylist for the past 9 years, 
and always finding new perspectives in my craft. 

The only constant is how I produce
my works with the projects. 
Every time listens to a song, 
I could see vivid visuals of how it will look like.
Funny thing is that, 
I hate to see my own videos again,
reminds me of my mistakes. 

I recognise that God given
gift inside of me. 
And recognise how I need
to go back to His door and
knock again. 

Fun Fact: Thats Goh Tow hong in the middle.
Thats the 17 years old self and my childhood friend on the right.
And Jeremy hong who I first did my MLM sales pitch to his family >__<

Here's to the 17 years old self,
You should have grown some balls to
invest more time to those girls you used
like in school than to spend all your lonely time
in the basket ball court. 
So what when people watch you dominate,
you are still gonna tear your ACL and
continue your lonely life. 
Glad to know that its ok to fail your O level,
Except for your english, POA and chinese. 
But you still are still gonna be
bad in your balancing your account. 
Your english is good for emails and apologies.
Your chinese, gonna be laughed at in China.
And going to the art school will cost your
dad's CPF, please think twice. 
Army is gonna forget about you, 
so are your friends who you used to grow up with.
You are gonna lose 15kg in the army,
but gonna gain back them after you
gain back your pink IC. 

Mistakes are good for you.
Take them everyday and recognise
the synthomes. 
You'll be a fool if you keep
eating your own shit. 
Thats when you will get
bad mouth,
it smells. 

But above all, 
you will constantly have
angelical visitations.
They don't come at night, 
but they visit in your
bank accounts,
in your works,
in your failures,
in your crafts, 
You are not sure how they turned up,
probably one of them might have the same
name as the archangel in heaven.
These things happens and
these reminds you how He loves you,
will constantly wait on you
to come back home. 

And to my 70 years old self,
you must be laughing at what have happened
and is happening to you. 
What a life eh. 
Hope your hair still growing,
Cos you've been laughing at your friends.
Stay golden everyone. 
A step at a time.
Whole life ahead of us. 
Its the long walk with
a constant heart beat of
88 huatness. 
Jose bo!

Kenneth Lee