1st Quarter of 2018

I try my best to be careful of my words,
because chances of offending people is higher
with a higher word count. 
Keeping this Creative Process Journal is quite a challenge for me.
I kept jumping in and out of the need to share
or not. 
Its been a month that I've been
explaining my decisions recently.
So here it goes -

Since the start of the year, 
I thought about the plans for FFK and how my 7 days should look like.

Its been a while I wake up early in the morning
for work + 3x Expresso shots. 
IG posts.

I answered to the voice within me, 
that have been nudging me since last year,
to be refreshed again. 
To be reconnected,
to restart. 

Yesterday at my ad hoc lesson with Mud Rock Ceramics, 
I got a very clear visual of how my life looks like a while back. 


*the left was the instructor 'touch' to my almost failed 1st piece.
the right was the crushed on that I was too careless* 

As I my eyes got lifted up
and my attention was on what the instructor
was assisting other students.
My pinky got caught in the spin
and boomzzz. 

I was crushed,

While I restarted my piece, 
I was envious of the other students in the class. 
Took heart to know that it
did reflects on my own personal
and spiritual growth. 

I always like to think that
the people around us are good at pretending.
Good to putting up a front
that all is well and good. 
Thats just the 1st impression we see in that 1st 10mins
and 10 different times after the first encounter. 

Having to see the clay on wheels,
feeling the impurities while it spins.
That got me seeing how time flies
and easily our impurities can be felt too.
Maybe not the 1st 10mins or 1 hour of our time
put into a craft/relationship/commitment.  
But after the 10,000th hour,
probably thats when it much visible. 
The weaknesses and strengths.

I saw mine during dec 2017.

Nothing terrible happened to my business.
But spiritually I know something happened. 

The sick visits doctor.
The mentally ill check in for observation.
 I checked myself in
to bible school, again. 

2010 was a very vague year for me. 
8 years back, I was starting out and
I vaguely remembered who were
my classmates and how was it like. 

I stopped taking walk-ins a month ago
and decided to commit my mornings to
bible school. 
To be refreshed again. 

I have 3 goal in mind for my wedding services. 
It should retain the character of my couples,
restore marriages when in time to come,
reignite the first love in the many good years to come. 

My videos can only do that much. 

We are formed by His word,
and at His word the World is created.

Out of nothingness,
creation took place through His word
It is all held by His world. 

If I am smart,
I would frame my life with His word. 

Doing my best to be well in

Not for my upcoming weddings,
But for the many good years to come
as a faithful craftsmen in this industry. 

Pardon me if I am slow recently. 
Transition in progress.. 

Kenneth Lee