ABOUT Freshfromkenneth

FreshfromKenneth works as if
he was the one professional friend you had
filming your wedding day. 

He sees what you don't
and probably your guests might have overwhelmed you,
but he carefully craft them together
in the short few minutes of memories that will not happen again.

Liken to a time-traveller, 
we slide right pass every notable life events in your marriage. 
We don't charge less, but we do more for our valuable couples.
Couples who knows who they are investing in.
One that is for the many good years to come.

After all, what we capture

is a reflection of our heart
at FreshfromKenneth.

Kind words


I met Kenneth and Samuel through the referral of my amazing
MUA Charlane Yu, and I’m very grateful for the friendship
we’ve built over this couple of months. 

To Kenneth, I just wanted to share how much your role at my wedding means to me. The attention you pay to the details of each scene you’ve added in our video, is clear to see. Your meticulous efforts to ensure that everyone important to us have been included in the visual memories you’ve created, leaves no doubt that your passion for filming and capturing content is your primary motivation for doing these videos for us. What you do is truly inspiring and respectable!
Only a truly committed artist like yourself would be able to bring out the rawest emotions of our wedding event. You’re not just good enough, you’re amazing!
It was such a pleasure working with a true artist like you! 

And to Sam, we have had nothing but positive and amazing comments about the shots you’re done for us. Almost everyone I knew came asking for your contact and I knew at that point, both you and I need to have a chat about commission percentage soon! ;) But on a serious note, you made it so easy for me to work with you, and you made us feel like we’ve known each other for ages.
I can’t be more gratified at your willingness
to venture into a complete foreign land for our shoot.
If there’s anything I’ve learnt from you, age doesn’t define skills! 

Last but not least, to my rebel MUA!
I’ve known you for too long and if it won’t for you,
I would not have make up on for my wedding,
and I wouldn’t have met K & S.
Thank you for being so passionate about what you do and doing the best you can for every single bride who have engaged you.
I know conformity is never your thing, so keep pushing boundaries, for yourself and for your brides! You’ve been nothing but the best 💜 

To my 3 talented friends, Thank you for being you and we thank you for what you do.

- Didi and Roy, 17th Jan 2018


For our big day, we went through few photographers and videographers.
At least 5 in total i think? One day, we came across pixioo and freshfromkenneth through a blogger's wedding and their crafts are really good.
Just so happened we found out we could engage them together,
it helped to save time meeting individual people. 

We had a chat and we immediately felt comfortable because samuel and kenneth have this synergy between them. We knew for sure we can trust them as they constantly engaged, gave us ideas and thus we give them all the creative freedom in producing the works.

Me being in the creative industry,
i always appreciate creativity, passion and great work. 

I remembered when they turned up on actual day, my family and friends were all surprised by the amount of people who showed up. And soon enough, we knew why so as pleasant surprises such as ffktakeover (even my makeupartist thought it was a damn good idea)
and the BTS video which my friends and us laughed so much.
We still watched it every now and then and the memory still comes in fresh.

Not forgetting the time capsule and handwritten note.
This personal touch from Kennth reminded us of his great personality even after the wedding.

- Yaohuang and Carol | 13th May 2017

Jerry and Vinyee_Andri.jpg

VY: "Having Kenneth as our videographer can never be more pleasant as we had known him personally for some time. 
Despite having a hectic schedule on our wedding day,
he delivered his works professionally and yet with fun involvement as a friend. We love his creative and well-thought suggestions on the theme of our video and his efforts in making it a unique one"

J: "We first met in a very special way setting off in the industry at the very beginning of the career. We witnessed and shared the evolutionary process of one another. Sweats and tears those days. 

Upon the time of our wedding, Kenneth already had his fair share of success in the trade. He got a big shot wedding on the same day but threw himself in back-to-back for our humble celebration with his special touch that I always admired in his works.
It was a touching gesture indeed. 

Shooting another (ex-)photographer’s wedding can add a bit of stress.
But, perhaps less he knew our great pride and privilege having this successful artist among the guests,
taking a deeper peek into our personal lives as a friend.  
Hearts and trust is all we shared. 

It was interesting ‘working’ with you again after awhile, this time on our big day.
Wishing you greater heights and joy in what you believe and create.
We shall keep the fond memory and friendship on.
May you bless more people with your gift, my friend"

- Jerry and Vinyee | 1st July 2017

Alvin cheryl_post.jpg

"Been married for a couple of months
but would like to take a moment to share my superb experience
with my Actual Day VG and PG -
@freshfromkenneth & @pixioo

Engaging both Kenneth and Samuel were the best decisions we made for our wedding.
Their approach to wedding videography and photography was one of a kind and not mainstream.
The works they produce are unique to every couple. Many of my family members, bridesmaids and friends complimented them too!

Kenneth has an exceptional eye to detail and he was very experienced and skillful during the wedding day. He went the extra mile by going down to my house area and hotel to rece and plan his shots the day before the AD -
we found out by accident as we happened to bump into him at both places!
He also made effort to understand our preferences and ensure the place we selected for our solemnization had sufficient lighting.
When the highlights were played,
we were completely lost for words because we hadn't seen any like it.
It was genuine and captured all the details that mattered.
He did all he could to make sure that we were happy.

Samuel engaged us very well on our wedding day.
He helped make the day more meaningful by asking us questions that made the shoot less awkward -
especially during the veiling with my parents and photoshoot with my bridesmaids.
We thought that was really helpful especially for the fact that we were pretty lost
and helpless as the main stars of the day.
The pictures that came out were beautiful and captured much emotions. 

It was such a pleasure to have both of them at our wedding.
I would strongly recommend both FFK and Pixioo to all BTBs
because they really go the extra mile and are fun to work with!"

- Alvin and Cheryl | 8th Julty 2017

We loved the video that was produced by Kenneth and team -
it was so real and personal and was everything we wanted in our wedding video!
Kenneth managed to capture all the emotions we experienced on our special day -
our initial exhaustion from all the last minute wedding prep,
Jack’s energy and enthusiasm,
the love and care of our family and friends…
He even managed to incorporate Wei’s obsession with cars!!
We especially loved how the video focused on the people who made the day what it was,
rather than just the two of us.
There is no “template” or “standard video”  when it comes to FFK -
nothing was staged or rehearsed,
we just went about our day and Kenneth produced a masterpiece from that.

Beyond the video itself Kenneth has become a valued friend,
not just of us, but our families as well!
His genuine, sincere nature is so rare in an industry
that has become so commercialised and impersonal.
Thank you Kenneth!!

-Jack and Shimin | 29th Dec 2017

Mel and Jon.jpg

I knew we had to engage Kenneth no matter what,
not just because we were friends,
but because there weren't any other crafts out there in Singapore that's quite like his.
The trip to Perth was simply fun and we had an amazing time there,
as if we were on a holiday instead of a pre-wedding shoot.
Thank you for putting your heart and soul into our videos,
and finding the perfect song that's symbolic of Xy's and my union,
we can't thank you enough for helping us capture
a special moment that we can reminisce and rewatch again and again in years to come.
Thank you for being a blessing to us and a great many couples too.

- Jonathan and Melissa | 17th/22nd July 2017


What was really striking about Kenneth's work
was how you could see the personality of
the couple through his videos.

When I saw his work,
I was like I must get this guy,
it was weird that I was so sure and I'm really glad we did cause he exceeded all expectations!
And I can’t tell you enough how important it is to find the right ppl to entrust your most important day to....

We loved how it was raw and very personal
which made our video uniquely us.
He knew exactly when to include what,
which made his edits very fun and seamless.

Another thing about him is that we share similar taste in music,
the song that I chose was so important to me,
and I'm so thankful that he loved it too otherwise
he wouldn't have done such a great job with it.

I'm still amazed at how he brought everything together so beautifully, it was so much more that we envisioned.
We have such a deep appreciation for professionals like him.
His craft is already a gift itself, but he goes one step further by establishing a relationship with us and gifting us with a time capsule video, which is incredibly thoughtful and meaningful!
That showed that he actually puts himself in the shoes of the couple and thought about what else he could provide to help them on their journey. He wasn’t just the videographer, he had our well-being at heart, like how he’d be with his friends.

Samuel's photos from the IG takeover were also a lifesaver, I really can't stress enough how thankful we are to have met this team! Even when we’re 50/80/99/senile we’ll still be reliving our special day by watching the same video that you produced and feeling fuzzy, happy and grateful.
That’s the impact of the great work that you do so thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime ♥♥♥

- Kenji and Kristalle | 7th Jan 2017